WI Campaigns

The WI campaigns on a number of international, national and local issues

WIs vote on a shortlist of resolutions in February and in May make a final vote for a resolution to go to the AGM, in the Summer of each year.

2022 Resolutions

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  1. Fit For Purpose - Fit For Girls - gender stereotyping of children's clothing.

  2. Appropriate Sentencing Of Non-violent Women Offenders

  3. Equality In Law For The Menopause

  4. Women And Girls With ASD And ADHD - under diagnosed and under supported

  5. Tackling Digital Exclusion


From this year's shortlist two topics have been chosen by a poll of all WI members. These will be discussed at the Annual Meeting in Bournemouth on 5th June.

A call against the decline in local bus services

Over the last decade there has been a massive decline in the number of bus services, particularly of those in rural and semi-rural areas. In order to alleviate loneliness, improve health and wellbeing, as well as promoting sustainable development, the NFWI calls on the Government and local authorities to increase subsidies and work in partnership with bus companies and community transport operators to enable an adequate provision of services.

Don't fear the smear

Cervical screening saves around 5,000 lives a year, yet attendance is currently at its lowest for a decade. The NFWI urges WI members to attend routine screening, to take action to raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening and address barriers to attendance to help eradicate cervical cancer.


Mental Health Matters

It is wonderful news that in the Worcestershire Federation’s Centenary year, Callow End’s Resolution arguing that mental health matters as much as physical health was passed at the Annual Meeting on 6 June with a storming 98% majority. So, this vital issue becomes the focus of a new WI campaign and all members will be able to get involved in promoting conversations about mental health and how the issues it raises can be addressed in our society at national, local and individual level.

Louise Jones, the proposer of the Resolution for Callow End WI argued most persuasively for the urgency of this campaign – “we often feel free to talk frankly about our physical health ... (but) many people, both old and young, often feel they will be judged if they say they have a mental health issue”. She concluded, “If this resolution is successful, it will change forever the way we feel about, and discuss, mental health issues. It will cascade knowledge and understanding about mental health through our families, communities and workplaces, and could help lead to a much needed UK wide cultural change”.

Seconding the Resolution, Caroline Hall, Bewdley WI, focused on the ways in which all of us can take action to initiate change. “We can train ourselves to listen actively and recognise even the quietest cry for help. We can learn how to show others that we are open to talking about mental health and how to start these conversations. We can learn how to respond when a confidence is shared, and know what resources are available locally that we can signpost to.”

The expert witness, Andrew Molodynski, Consultant Psychiatrist from Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, gave a powerful and moving exposition of the urgency of the campaign, based on frontline clinical practice and all too troublesome familiarity with pressures on the resources, staff and patients involved in the mental health services. In spite of determined efforts, NFWI had been unable to find anyone willing to oppose the Resolution, and so Mary Clarke, Vice President of NFWI Public Affairs Committee outlined the points which might be considered to counter it.

In the debate which followed from the floor, many cogent points were made in support of the Resolution and giving indicators of areas where the campaign might lead. The debate was moving and heartfelt, leaving no-one who heard it in any doubt of how many lives this campaign might touch. And the final joy of this momentous day was that the afternoon’s Keynote Speaker, Huw Edwards, gave a spontaneous, personal and ringing endorsement of the WI’s campaigning effectiveness, focusing on the 2 issues he perceived as most important to society today: Plastic Soup and Mental Health Awareness. What an end to a wonderful day!