Abberley WI

Abberley WI

Update August 5th 2021

We continued very successfully with our speakers on Zoom up to June of this year. Despite the lockdown restrictions being extended we managed to hold our Garden Party in July this year while obeying all necessary rules. Next week we shall be meeting back in the Village Hall for the first time since last March and are really looking forward to it. We shall have a live speaker, be able to chat properly and enjoy refreshments too. Hopefully there will be no going back and soon Book Group, Knit & Natter and Bridge will be able to take place in person. Our Centenary year begins in November 2021 and the Committee are having fun discussing some exciting ideas to mark the occasion and to keep celebrations going for 12 months.

Have a look at our Events and Activies Page to see our herd of Elephants!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can still welcome new members!

Abberley WI meets at

Abberley Village Hall Worcestershire WR6 6AA

7.30pm on the second Wednesday of the month

...and many other activities organised by members for members.

Please have a look at the programme page and record of previous meetings. You can also follow us on Twitter - @abberleytWIeter and find us on Facebook.

Do come and try us out - the first few meetings are free. We are a friendly, welcoming local women’s organisation and would love to see you.

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